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Why I Play Roller Derby: Lit Bit-O-Fury

by Rochella De Ville on 12/30/16

"For the past 5 years there's this little place over the doorway of the Kalesium where I have hung all of the tears of a rough day at work or just a hard day at life. My Teammates have seen me through more than you could even imagine. To me they are a second family. I never had that sporty competitive spirit, I didn't play sports in high school. Some of us have that competitive spirit, that wasn't me. I didn't find that competitiveness until I started roller derby. It may have taken 30+ years but I have found it. There are days that I don't walk into practice with "the Bit face" but it is rare for me to leave practice not soaked in sweat wearing that ear to ear smile known as "Bit face". Yes I pick all of those troubles and worries from life are picked back up at the door when I leave but they aren't nearly as bad or soul crippling as they were when I arrived.. I know no matter what happens in my life on or off the track I have an amazing group of ladies that have my back, and some days all I need is to hang all of that up for a few hours to let me know that I am stronger than I think I am." -Lil Bit-o-Fury

Photo: Northland Pulp

Our learn to skate clinics are starting soon! More info here:

We want you!

by Rochella De Ville on 02/17/16

We are looking for new skaters, referees, and volunteers to join our Outlaw family!

Why join roller derby? 
1. It's fantastic exercise! Isn't that the number one New Year's resolution? To get in shape?
2. Becoming a strong person gives you confidence in all areas of your life.
3. Making new friends that become a second family.
4. Getting out your aggression!
5. All shapes and sizes have something to contribute to the team. Many of us never played a sport before joining roller derby, but you can see how it's changed us!
The list goes on and on....

If you are interested in joining our family, email